Livin' in the state of dreaming

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Lacie // 20 // MI
I enjoy cooking, tea, coffee, being in love,
elephants, laughter, and happiness
currently figuring myself out
*accidentally purposely turns conversation sexual*



The only girl I’ve ever loved

was born with roses in her eyes

forever my arm tattoo

ug people who live with their bf/significant other and take it for granted rly grind my gears ok bc if I lived with my bf I wouldn’t be staying up late eating 500 cals worth of m&m’s and reese’s cups and looking at romantic pics on tumblr and feeling sad. so if you live with your sig. other make sure you kiss them goodnight every night and tell them how much you love them and fall asleep spooning OK OK OK. thank u


jay gatsby’s car was a real hit with the ladies

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The 1975 makes me unbelievably happy.

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